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Of course you may. Our clients range from small manufacturers to large companies. Respect for delivery schedules and treatment is the same for all our customers.
Through the digitalization of a physical pattern you may have (on paper or cardboard), what we do is to enter that mold into the system (it is saved on a digital format, OPTITEX, Audaces, etc.) in order to be able to work with the pattern and develop the respective gradings, reforms and/or subsequent markers.
The client may opt to receive it in digital format (OPTITEX, Audaces, etc.) or in physical format, i.e., on cardboard or paper, whether just plotted (printed) or cut and divided per size.

1° We need to have the digital patterns (either developed by us, digitized, or provided by the customer in digital format). 2° We need the net widths of the fabric to be marked, i.e., if the fabric is 60 in. wide, the selvedges must be discounted (more or less 0.6 in. per side, depending on each case). 3° The size chart to be marked. 4° The maximum table length. 5° The number of garments to be cut, etc.

Nevertheless, in the top right menu of the site, next to the Contact button, you may find the Marker Order button, where you can register and create a user. In this way, you can access and place a marker order in which all the fields are already filled, and you only need to complete the necessary information. In addition, you will have a history of your orders.

We have a wide variety of plotters ranging from 0.35 in. to 260 ft. wide, which allows us to print markers from 4 in. up to 260 ft. wide without the customer having to splice the markers. For markers larger than 260 ft. there are no limitations, but in that case they must be spliced.
Cuando el cliente solicita el desarrollo de un molde base, siempre se le cotiza el talle en el que se va a realizar la posterior muestra. Las progresiones serán cotizadas aparte.
Cuando el cliente solicita una tizada debe suministrar todos los datos (ver punto 4°). En cambio, cuando solicita una repetición de tizada, solo debe indicar qué tizada ya hecha quiere repetir, y la cantidad de copias que necesita.
Si lo que desea es imprimir una tizada que ya tiene hecha, ya sea porque se descompuso su ploter o porque esa tizada le fue enviada por un proveedor, lo único que debe hacer es enviarla por mail (adjuntar el o los archivos) y le responderemos por la misma vía indicándole el importe y la franja horaria en que puede retirar sus ploteos (impresiones).

1°-The reprinting of a marker (repetition) is usually done on the very same day.

2° -The printing of a marker provided by the customer is usually done on the spot, i.e., the client sends the marker file via e-mail and it is plotted instantly. The client saves an important amount of time since while he/she comes to our offices to pick up his/her markers, they have already been printed.

3° -The delivery times in the two previous items are subjected to the time the order has been placed. If the file or the repetition order arrives a few minutes before closing time, the job is queued for the next business day.

1°-The quotation of a job is free of charge. After the client has approved the budget in writing, via e-mail, we begin to work on the order placed. VERY IMPORTANT: Once the budget has been approved, the work must be paid in full regardless of whether the client decides to cancel it after his/her approval.

2°-With regard to our prices, the only items that have a fixed cost are the digitizing, file conversion and plotting services. All the rest (patterns, gradings, reforms, markers creation, etc.) will have a cost considering the degree of difficulty of the work, that is why a quotation is elaborated.

No, we don't. To ask for a quotation, the client must come to our offices o request it by email. In the case of an email request, the client must send the necessary information (requirements, photos, etc.) and a contact telephone number.
Payments are in cash on delivery or by bank transfer. In the case of establishing a business relationship, i.e. becoming a regular customer, you may pay by check with terms ranging from 7, 15 and up to 30 days.
Meeting the delivery times is key to us. Once we have budgeted the work to be done, you will be given the delivery time, which is fully respected.
Our opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 1:00 pm, and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm.

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