Marker making service

An important resource when it comes to saving on material utilization

Marker making service

These are some of the benefits our service will provide you

  • Quickness

    Accelerates the marker making process. It also reduces time and costs in every repetition of a marker.

  • Space

    You will always have your table available to lay out and cut, and you will no longer waste hours creating each marker.

  • Preciseness

    Every piece respects its orientation and thread, avoiding defects in the garments after they have been made.

  • Productivity

    By saving on marking time, your staff can produce more within the same working hours.

  • Practicality

    You do not have a constant expense and responsibility, i.e., you only pay for what you use, and you do not have a fixed cost.

  • Errors solution

    In case your staff had lay out fabrics narrower than allowed, or the material had shrunk, the system repairs and reforms the error in percentages, saving the customer from a considerable loss.

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