Virtual pattern making

An undisputed ally of today's fashion

People always want to dress according to the new trends of the market. Therefore, the fashion industry must be constantly changing to quickly renew its product lines without sacrificing quality.

An undisputed ally of today's fashion

Soluciones Textiles Pattern Making

Our service of virtual pattern-making used by leading companies in Argentina and abroad, is at the cutting-edge of technology. It develops your patterns to give you a better and more efficient handling of your garments, optimizes the use of raw material in less time, and gives garments better fit and drape. In addition, it accelerates the development of your gradings.

Among many other benefits, and due to our services, your company will be able to:

  • Develop patterns from a garment or a technical file.
  • If an item has given you good results, you will be able to transform it into new models with excellent results.
  • With virtual pattern design, you don't need to have physical patterns to create your markers, but only the digital files.
  • Your patterns will have all the necessary markings (picks, perforations, annotations, thread lines, etc.) and display the same fine details.
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